Project goal

The main goal of the project is to create a unique space for open dialogue of the young generation and enable public reflection on topics that are key to sustainable development in the European Union and their presentation. Through this international project and its individual activities, today's young generation has the opportunity to jointly communicate the topics of their ideas about Europe in 2050. Pupils and students, children and youth thus have the opportunity to publicly communicate their priorities and the direction of the European Union in various forms ahead of time. take.

It can be assumed that the key factors that will affect the value orientation and the standard of living of this generation are scientific and technological progress with the process of innovation and a number of other important topics, e.g. the issue of human rights, sustainable development, the flourishing of culture, the care of cultural heritage, etc. Therefore, in the individual years of this project, we will focus on these topics, present fundamental questions for solutions, and also search for these solutions together.

The greatest contribution of the Europe 2050 project is international and intergenerational communication. Active participants in this project are not only pupils and students, but also pedagogues and heads of institutions working with children and youth, professionals and the general public.

The international project "The Europe I want to live in: Europe in 2050" was created in the Czech Republic and is intended for pupils and students, children and youth from the Czech Republic, other European countries and beyond. In 2022, the project was one of the official activities of the Presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of the EU.

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